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So yeah, like the title implies… I am done.

I am done dealing with guys.

You males say that we are confusing…well yes us females are confusing as sh… but come on… so are you.. 

If not more sometimes.. and that says something.. 

Don’t say something and not stick to it..

Don’t all of a sudden act weird and leave and not say anything and leave us hanging.

I mean what if we did that to you??

You would get all pissed and the world would be ending.. 

If I didn’t answer you would freak out.

But If I was a little like why aren’t you responding, you would get all defensive..

Just makes no damn sense to me..

You know what its called?

Its called being a hypocrite..


So tonight was quite interesting.

I love how you came even though you knew I was there. And him. Such an immature D bag.

I’m so glad you and you’re bull sh*t drama is out of my life. I most certainly do NOT need any of that.

You seem to be stuck in the “highschool” mode. So go away. “Ain’t nobody got time for that” As you would say.

I also love how you totally didn’t achnolage the fact that he was even there. SO not cool. And so rude. Way to make someone feel like complete crap. 

It felt so good to just get away from you. And to be like, “I don’t have to deal with that anymore”.

It was a very sad moment when I passed your car and knew it was never the same ever again but at the same time, It was a good moment. 

Funny how when we got to walmart we got a box of donuts and a soda each and jsut chowed down like a bunch of hormonal girls.

But it was cool knowing we had each other and to know that THAT is what a TRUE friend is. 

And when we broke that case.. HAHAHAHAHA #LOVEIT

Hillar… totally and completely hillar.. and soo needed that. I know he certainly did.

So good bye a$$ hole. 

I know I said to text me but hahahah, please don’t.. But at the same time part of me wants you to. 

Sometimes I still have hope but honestly? My life is soo much better without you.

And you still owe me a dollar, or a dollar worth of something and my CD back. 

Thank you.. goodbye and goodnight. 


I hope one day you come to your senses.. 

I know soon or eventually you will realize just how much of a great friend I was.

But you know what. I don’t care anymore.

The things you said. the things you did. They are unforgettable and horrible.

So I am done. I do NOT need that in my life. And honestly? I am a much better and happier person without you.

So go on. Go keep having sex with guy after guy and say you’re too busy for the friends who are actually true friends and are always there for you.

You lost me. And good luck ever getting me back.

And like I said, You are a selfish prick and a MAJOR hypocrite.

I hope you get Karam ASAP.


The friend that got sick of your shit. 

He’s so cauutttee! 

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true dat!

true dat!

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haha, true

haha, true

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Holy… lol!

Holy… lol!


Today is not going off to a good start at all. I had to get up early to go back to my house from spending the night at a friends house so that I could take my brother somewhere and had to leave my peeps. I came home and all of a sudden he said he isn’t going to go, and the friend that he was going to take. So I’m already pissed from that and the fact I got no sleep last night.. but it was worth it haha. Then I’m getting woken up and nagged about school and how if I don’t keep it up I’ll loose the car and so on and so fourth and I’m like wth? So yay.. wonderful day so far.. OH and its raining…

Again.. lol!

I feel like this is the thousandth time I’ve said this, but I am officially back on here yo, and on the twitterz..haha So yeah.. I pretty much got convinced because everyone is using all these now haha. Well have been for a while but that doesn’t matter, so all I wanted to say is that I’m back betches and woot woot haha! 

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Omg… SOOOO cute! <3 must love on them for ever and ever!

Omg… SOOOO cute! <3 must love on them for ever and ever!

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We are one choice from together… you and me!

OMG! Must have you! and love you for ever and ever!!!!!!!!!

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